The AE-520 Double Breakout is the ultimate breakout for the water well drilling industry.

It is designed for the hands-free making and breaking of drill rods and bottom hole assemblies ranging from 4” through to 20” in diameter. With a maximum breaking torque of 100,000 Nm, the AE-520 Double Breakout will effortlessly break any joint. It has been designed with safety and drilling efficiency as the primary consideration.

The AE – 520 Double Breakout has substantial holding capacity, which enables the breakout to become the complete breakout table. Due to the engineering capability of the breakout, there is no need to carry or hold table spanners, breakout wrenches, Petol tongs, different spanner sizes for BHA assemblies etc. The AE – 520 Double breakout will hold, and break, everything from your first drill rod, through to your stabilisers, hammers, rollercones etc.

This breakout is universally designed to seamlessly fit onto any drill rig without major modification. Assent Engineering can engineer the mounting of the breakout to almost any drill rig including Versadrill, Schramm, and KWL rigs.

With a maximum aperture of 520mm, all casing sizes up to 20” can freely pass through the breakout. With easily adjustable clamp pressures, any drill pipes can be clamped, made up, or broken, without causing damage. The making torque can also be adjusted to accommodate individual needs, or API drill rod torque specifications.

Due to the design on the jaw assembly, different adaptors can be manufactured to suspend different sized casing down the hole. These can all be engineered and manufactured to the client’s requirements.

Assent Engineering can also specifically design a breakout to suit your needs. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call to further discuss.

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