The AE-330 Double Breakout is the ultimate breakout that can be adapted to either RC or diamond drilling.

It is designed with the hands free making and breaking of drill rods and bottom hole assemblies up to 12” in diameter. With a maximum breaking torque of 60,000 Nm, the AE-330 Double Breakout will effortlessly break any joint. With adjustable make pressure, joints can also be made up to any required torque. It has been designed with safety and drilling efficiency as a primary consideration.

The AE-330 Double Breakout has substantial holding capacity, which enables the breakout to become the complete breakout table. The breakout can easily be changed between RC and diamond drilling by simply changing the jaw profile. The RC jaws are designed to break everything from 4” drill pipe right through to a 12” hammer, without any modifications required.

As diamond pipe is a lot finer, and easily damaged, the AE 330 breakout can be set up to accommodate this. With the ability to reduce the crush pressure on the pipe, and the fitment of the correct size Jaws, the AE 330 breakout becomes the ultimate diamond breakout.

This breakout will remove the need for foot clamps and breakout wrenches, and will still integrate with a rod spinner. The bottom clamp will support the weight of the drill pipe, while the top clamp will grip the pipe and break the joint. jaws are available in BQ, NQ, HQ and PQ sizes. Any other sizes are available upon request.

Assent Engineering can also specifically design a breakout to suit your needs. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call to further discuss.

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